This is a partial list of consulting services Hotel Wholesale Furniture Supply & Services Partners offers to help ensure that you receive the quality products that you have purchased, meeting specifications with timely deliveries while helping your projects flow as seamlessly as possible.





Consulting for the complete process:

• Initial design stage consulting

– As related to USA, Chinese and Vietnamese manufacturing abilities

– As related to cost effective quality products and materials available

– As related to pre-installed sub-components, electrical, com, etc, (to save field install time)

– Product installation cost control (design for ease of installation)

– Shipping, design for cost effective shipping

• Specification and design review for manufacturing

– Final review of plans, documents and specifications for manufacturing in the USA or overseas

• Clarification of design specification and designer intent for manufacturing

– Ensure that the manufacturer understands the specifications

– Ensure that the manufacturer understands the designers design intent

• Plans and document translation to specific country language as required

• Manufacturer qualification and selections

– Seek out and pre-qualify manufacturers

– Final qualification process and factory selections

• Document control, RFP, RFI, AIA, etc.

– Record and track all manufacturing documents for timely completion

• Manufacturer contract negotiations

• Vendor management

• Project funding/payment control including AIA, L/C, and progressive L/C etc

– Control, authorize and initiate payments based upon accomplished contractual milestones

• Finance/Loan funding assistance

– Assist in the securing of funding (lease) for projects from multiple lenders

• Raw materials sourcing, selection and control

• End item product sourcing

• Multi manufacturer for single end item coordination and logistics control

• Sample requests and control including sample approval process assistance

• Production flow control for on time delivery (full time in factory)

• Quality and specification adherence control (Full time in factory)

• Product testing & certification processing, UL, UPC, fire rating, fabric rub testing etc.

• Final product inspection and signoff for approval prior to packaging

• Packaging control for a safe undamaged delivery

• Shipping and logistics control

• Port of entry, Customs and Duties management

• Installation and Installation coordination

• Punch list assistance

• Manufacturer defect management for repair or replacement

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