WHOLESALE FURNITUREOn custom designed and specified projects or on our pre-designed room groups, we will provide spectacular savings over the competition and reduce your bottom line cost while providing the quality you expect and a product that will deliver a great guest experience for years to come. Hotel Wholesale Furniture Supply & Service Partners is comprised of some of the finest qualified companies & manufacturers the industry has to offer. Be it design, planning, manufacturing, construction renovation, installation etc, our foundation is built on experience you can depend on.

Bampb Italia Houston

bampb italia houston  Looking for B and B Italia furniture in Houston? Internum Design has all the Italian brand names and designers you’re looking for, such as Bartoli, Azambourgh, Baron, Andy Riva, Bosforo, Seventy Day, Stender Duccio Grassi and many others. If you want a sophisticated look in your home or office, shop online at internum.com.

Hotel Wholesale Furniture SupplierHotel Wholesale Furniture SupplierHotel Wholesale Furniture Supplier

Business Cleaning Service Florence

business cleaning service florenceNeed a business cleaning service in Florence? CleanAdvantEdge specializes in carpet and upholstery cleaning, hard floor care, and full service janitorial care. With state of the art equipment and the best cleaning products and chemicals on the market, Clean AdvantEdge will do the job right the first time. Cleanadvantedge.com

Fake Grass For Dogs

fake grass for dogsIf you are looking for an easy to maintain, affordable alternative to lawns that pets tear up. you may consider fake grass for dogs. One Putt Greens and Lawns sells artificial grass to make having pets easier. With artificial grass, you no longer have to worry about your dogs digging up your lawn or causing unhealthy patches in the grass. For prices and other details, visit oneputtgreens.com or call (858) 483-8079.

Hotel Wholesale Furniture SupplierHotel Wholesale Furniture SupplierHotel Wholesale Furniture Supplier

Edible Cannabis

edible cannabisEdible Cannabis is an item that is becoming increasingly popular because of how convenient it is to simply consume a gummy, lollipop, or other CBD snack to quickly and easily receive the benefits of CBD. When you shop at CBD Genesis, you are guaranteed that your edible cannabis is made with only the finest ingredients; to try some today, place an order at thcvapejuice.net or call (850)-542-1978.

Hotel Wholesale Furniture SupplierHotel Wholesale Furniture SupplierHotel Wholesale Furniture Supplier

Garden Vegetable Support

garden vegetable supportIf you are searching for fantastic garden vegetable support, Veggie Cage sells some of the best tomato cages in the country. These special tomato rings and cages are designed too encourage tomato growth and hold garden plants in the perfect upright position. For more information about Veggie Cage, you can see their site at gotogardener.com.

Hotel Wholesale Furniture SupplierHotel Wholesale Furniture Supplier

Chico Living Room Sets

chico living room setsShop Finds Design & Decor for quality Chico living room sets and full home furnishings, including Media Wall systems, TV stands, entertainment room bars, and living room seating that is stylish and comfortable. If you enjoy entertaining, you’ll love visiting with friends in a contemporary living area furnished by Finds. Finds Design & Decor

Hotel Wholesale Furniture Supplier
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