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Amish furniture in Michigan offers unparalleled style. Take in the quality and veneer of the old world with modern construction. MI Backyard Hot Tubs, Cottage, and Cabin has a large line of rustic and aesthetically appealing furniture for any home.

Why should I purchase Amish Furniture?

The world lost something in the move to mass manufacturing. Materials are less durable, styles are the same, and made to fail now permeates the market.

Craftspeople used to create furniture with care and pride. The rise of the factory destroyed the elegant designs present in homes of the last century.

This is simply not true of Amish furniture. Ornate hand-made pieces made from thick lumber breathe life into your home, cottage, or cabin.

How long does furniture last?

Tables, chair, sofas, and dressers last between five and twenty years. Purchasing low-end furniture from a big-box store places you firmly on the low end of the spectrum.

Amish furniture brings decades of rustic appeal to your home. These pieces are waterproof, environmentally friendly, low maintenance, and as stylish today as they were 100 years ago.

Naturally Waterproof Furniture

Most furniture uses chemicals to avoid watermarks and stains. Manufacturers treat cheap woods with compounds that allow you to expose your furniture to wind, water, heat, and cold.

Red cedar already contains oils that act as a natural sealant. This type of wood protects furniture from humidity, moisture, and rot. In a state where 100-degree summers complete with monsoon-like rains and negative temperatures in the middle of a snowstorm are common, you need low-maintenance furniture that protects your investment.

As an added benefit, our furniture is also insect repellent without presenting significant harm to you or your surroundings. The oils in cedar furniture keep pesky bees or mosquitos away.

Recyclable furniture

The crafts-folk behind Amish furniture use mainly natural materials. This means that your furniture will degrade without worry when no longer wanted.

All of our furniture is 100 percent recyclable. Feel good with the knowledge that your furniture protects the environment.

How much maintenance is required for wood furniture?

Wood furniture is easy to maintain. Our pieces require little to no work. Repairs are simple as the only metals required are nails or screws.

If your furniture shows some signs of wear from the elements, waterproofing is available from almost any hardware store. Recline more and worry less with durable, high-quality Amish furniture.

Where can I find rustic Amish furniture in Michigan?

Manufacturers concern themselves with profits. This means finding the lowest cost material and selling at the highest possible price. Our suppliers create in an ancient tradition, re-injecting quality into the furniture process.

Our Adirondack, Poly, or Aspen lines are unique and long-lasting. Pride goes into every piece we carry. Our furniture is built to withstand hot summers and freezing winters, making these lines perfect for cottages, cabins, and your primary home.

If you are looking for quality, rustic, and easily maintained furniture, look no further than Amish furniture. MI Backyard Hot Tubs, Cottage, and Cabin carries a wide selection of pieces. Visit us today in Brighton.


Amish Furniture Michigan