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Amish tables in Michigan provide rustic quality for your home, cabin, or cottage. As manufacturers continue to standardize and produce furniture made to fail, the Amish retain their pride in a craft renowned throughout the world. MI Backyard hot tubs, cottages, and cabins carries a large selection of Amish furniture for any home.

Why should I purchase Amish furniture?

Big box stores and popular manufacturers continue to provide cheap-quality furniture. Flimsy plywood now makes up the skeleton of most furniture. This material is not built to last.

Amish furniture still uses sturdy wood and materials from days past. Thick red cedars make up our line. Nothing is more durable than our furniture. Suppliers carry on the ancient tradition of hand-made furniture making.

Waterproof tables

Waterproofing seals cracks and makes your wooden furniture impermeable to the elements. It traps moisture without allowing the elements to work their way into the sinews of your pieces.

The red cedar in our furniture acts as a natural waterproofing. The oils contained in this wood repel water. The resulting impermeability pushes makes your furniture low maintenance.

How long do tables last?

Tables last between five and 20 years. The lower quality the furniture, the less time that your piece lasts. Plywood and flimsy materials place your furniture on the short end of the spectrum.

Amish furniture using sturdy materials lasts for decades. The resulting rustic look and unique texture make your furniture as popular today as when your children take over. With little maintenance required, these tables last with some similar pieces being over 100 years old.

Are Amish tables recyclable?

Wooden furniture degrades naturally. There are no manufactured metals and no synthetic compounds or plastic. When you are done with your furniture and cannot find someone who enjoys our piece, it is 100 percent environmentally friendly.

Where can I find furniture that is easy to repair?

Repairing Amish furniture is simple. A piece of cedar and some skill will doctor your furniture back into top shape.

There is no need for special equipment, just the ability to cut a piece of wood and an artistic eye. In fact, it is easy to customize your furniture to your taste using naturally occurring material.

Natural bug repellent

Red cedar carries the added benefit of repelling pesky bees and mosquitos. The oils in your furniture keep the bugs at bay.

Unlike other wooden furniture, infestations are unlikely to occur. You can leave your cabin furniture outside year-round with protection from the wildlife and the elements.

Amish tables in Michigan

Amish tables offer a rustic look and feel with the quality of an ancient tradition. Common furniture lasts for as little as five years. This is not the case with our quality lines.

Craftspeople create every piece with pride. Profit is not the only motivator for our suppliers. If you are looking for quality furniture that lasts, Amish tables are a perfect choice. MI Backyard hot tubs, cottages, and cabins carries quality Amish furniture. Visit our Brighton location or website today.

Amish Tables Michigan