Learn More About the .01 Cent Per kWh Generators

After 8 years in development NextGen is introducing a New Technology company that offers 100% off-grid solution at a .01 cent per kWh cost. The technology generator is covered for rebates and incentives in both solar and wind turbines that have no emissions, no noise, no toxic fuels, and, best of all, can be hidden from sight not to disrupt any HOA or city rules. The 100% off-Grid Technology can generate anywhere from 1 MegaWatt to 100 MegaWatts of electricity, enough for a small city. AFTER Submitting this Form please download the NDA agreement which will be presented to you via Email and also on the Success Page. This is a required document that needs to be signed before a presentation is offered. Thank You.

INTRODUCING The .01 Cent Per kWh Solution from 1 MegaWatts to 100 MegaWatts

  • If your inquiry is for a whole house generator TYPE: "HOME in the FIELD"
    When flying to Los Angeles we have FREE Pickup services to and from the airport for same day travelers.
  • example: .1022 cents per kWh Phoenix or .186 cents in Los Angeles
  • example: .155 cents per kWh Phoenix or .255 cents in Los Angeles
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